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Mazda Skyactiv Technology

Mazda Skyactiv Technology: Changing the game

Sometimes a car company makes a breakthrough that reinvents the way the industry does business. The Mazda Skyactiv technology in Joliet, IL isn’t an upgraded engine or a new design – it’s a completely new way of making cars. Mazda has refined every aspect of the manufacturing process to offer the best in power and overall drivability while also being amazingly efficient and eco-friendly.

Skyactiv Engine

The Skyactiv technology is being implemented in two new Mazda engines, one gas and one diesel. The Skyactiv-G, or gas engine, has made a breakthrough by achieving the world’s highest gasoline engine compression ratio of 14:1 – resulting in improved efficiency that increases fuel mileage and torque by 15 percent. The Skyactiv-D, or diesel engine, also offers a compression ratio of 14:1, low for diesel standards – leading to 20 percent better fuel efficiency. The first Mazda equipped with Skyactiv technology, the Mazda3 Skyactiv in Joliet, IL, is rated for an impressive 40 miles per gallon.

Skyactiv Transmission

Mazda Skyactiv offers two transmissions – the Skyactiv-Drive automatic and the Skyactiv-MT manual. The Skyactiv-Drive has found a way to use all the advantages of current conventional and variable transmissions to achieve a new level of torque transfer efficiency. This leads to smooth gear transition and a 4-to 7 percent increase in fuel economy. The Skyactiv-MT transmission is light for reduced overall weight and also provides a natural, light feel when going through the gears.

Skyactiv Body and Chassis

It wasn’t enough to just improve output and efficiency under the hood. Mazda went even further, equipping the entire vehicle with Skyactiv technology. The body itself has become 30 percent more rigid, making for a better overall drive. At the same time, the body has also been made eight percent lighter, improving efficiency. The chassis itself has been lightened, by 14 percent, while at the same time offering improved comfort and a fun drive. Try it all out for yourself right now with the Mazda3 and Mazda CX-5 Skactiv in Joliet, IL at Bill Jacobs Mazda.

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